Vaccination Guide

A Practical Guide for Seafarers and Shipping Companies on COVID-19 Vaccination

There have been over 100 million cases of Coronavirus (COVID-19) and more than two million COVID-19 deaths recorded worldwide. To date, nearly 200 million people have received one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine.

COVID-19 is spread primarily through droplets. A person with COVID-19 coughs or sneezes, spreading droplets into the air and onto objects and surfaces in close proximity. Other people breathe in the droplets or touch the objects or surfaces and then touch their eyes, nose or mouth.

COVID-19 vaccines reduce the severity of symptoms or prevent symptoms completely in a vaccinated person. However, it is currently unknown if they prevent an individual carrying the virus and passing it on to others.

Physical distancing, washing hands with soap and water or the use of hand sanitiser, good respiratory hygiene, and use of a mask remain the main methods to prevent spread of COVID-19 and seafarers should continue these practices once vaccinated.

Download the practical guide to get a better understanding of Vaccine and how it works. The information contained in this Guide is continuously being reviewed and updated but is correct at the time of publication.

Disclaimer: As local conditions and regulations can change by the hour, before making any firm plans please contact to give you the latest updates for individual countries.