WaterFront Maritime Services

Market Intelligence

At WaterFront Maritime Services, we empower our clients with Market Intelligence to "Save Time, Save Money, and Reduce Risk."

As a Global Hub Agent, our access to data in over 90 countries allows us to provide deeper transparency, predictability, and optionality.


We collect and consolidate local line-ups, covering over 17 commodities in over 35 countries. Our enhanced and predictive line-ups provide specific insights tailored to our clients’ needs.

With a granular view of individual vessel arrivals and departures, cargo volumes, and commodities loaded/discharged, we provide selected clients with specific ad hoc reports or trends.

Our proximity to ports allows us to collect local intelligence on incidents or events that could impact vessel or cargo turnaround. Combined with load/discharge rates and PDA estimates, we offer actionable insights.

We collect and process berthing delays and port congestion data, providing competitive advantages by offering actionable insights regularly.

By identifying and collecting local intelligence on changes in port restrictions, we give our clients transparency to the latest regulations and changes that could affect their operations.

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Including line-ups, commodity statistics, vessel data, port information, congestion reports, and port restrictions