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Ships Agency

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We offer services in over 490 port locations worldwide, ensuring that a WaterFront Maritime Services ships agent can support your business wherever you operate. Our agents combine local expertise with high operational standards to ensure efficient handling of your vessel, crew, cargo, and finances during port calls. You can trust us always to prioritize your interests and make your port visits as smooth as possible.

Full Agency

We provide comprehensive support and services to vessels and their crew. This typically includes handling administrative tasks, coordinating logistics, arranging for necessary services such as pilotage and tug assistance, facilitating communication between the ship and port authorities, and addressing any issues that may arise during the vessel’s call.

Specialized support provided to shipowners to safeguard their interests and assets during vessel operations and port visits. These services typically involve overseeing and ensuring compliance with contractual agreements, monitoring vessel activities, coordinating with port authorities, managing disputes or claims, and representing the owner’s interests in negotiations or legal proceedings.

We safeguard the charterer’s commercial, operational, and financial interests while facilitating smooth and efficient operations. 

We assist vessels during their passage through canals. Our duties typically include coordinating the logistics of the transit, obtaining necessary permits and clearances, liaising with canal authorities, arranging for pilotage services if required, ensuring compliance with canal regulations, and addressing any issues or emergencies that may arise during the transit. 

A range of essential tasks and support are provided to vessels and their crew. These services typically include arranging for provisions such as food, water, and fuel, coordinating waste disposal, arranging for crew changes or medical assistance if needed, handling customs and immigration formalities, and facilitating communication between the ship and shore authorities. 

This involves the provision and transfer of fuel, typically marine fuel or bunker fuel, to ships. This process occurs either while the vessel is docked at a port or while it’s at sea. Bunkering services may also include the supply of lubricants and other related products necessary for the operation of the ship’s engines. These services are essential for ensuring that vessels have an adequate supply of fuel to power their engines and continue their journeys efficiently and safely.