Sri Lanka

COVID-19 Global Port Restrictions

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At the moment, there are sign on/off restrictions for Indian nationals. Indian crew/on signers need to stay 14 days quarantine period in Maldives (Male) prior to arriving Sri Lanka/Hambantota Rajapaksa International Airport – Mattala (HRI). Subsequently, these individuals must stay at isolation center or obtain a PCR report that complies with immigration/custom formalities (Test must be made at least 60hrs after landing) prior join the vessel.

However, crew changes are allowed inSri Lanka for other nationalities using MRI Airport (MRI-Mahinda Rajapaksa International Airport).

Chinese nationality off signers should obtain two PCR test and two antibody tests from Government Approved Private hospitals as a mandatory request from the Chinese Government. Nationals need to undergo a 21-days quarantine period and a quarantine confirmation letter is mandatory in order to request the Green code to fly.

As per the latest rule from the Chinese Embassy only three Chinese Nationality off signers of one ship can be repatriated via single flight schedule. Chinese off signers who has disembarked after the 6th of August 2021 must quarantine for 21 days as a mandatory requirement from the Chinese government.

Most Governmental/Private officers are still operating under “Working from Home basis” as a precautionary measure for COVID-19.

Disclaimer: As local conditions and regulations can change by the hour, before making any firm plans please contact to give you the latest updates for individual countries.