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As a Global Hub Agent, we have access to a broad range of data at a granular level in >490 ports in >90 countries worldwide. We collect, clean, process and manipulate the data to give our clients a much greater degree of transparency, predictability and optionality.



We collect local line-ups from individual ports on a regular basis and consolidate them on a port, country, regional or global level. Our line-ups currently cover >17 commodities in >35 countries. We use various tools and techniques to create enhanced and predictive lineups for specific customers. 

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Commodity Statistics

We gather raw historical data on actual cargo volumes at an individual port level. We give our clients a competitive advantage by consolidating, aggregating, and mining the data to project asymmetrical insights.

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Vessel Data

As we already monitor and manage line-up and congestion data at a port level, we have a granular view of individual vessel arrivals and departures, the shippers/receivers, ports of origin/destination and the cargo volume and commodities loaded/discharged. We mine this data to provide selected clients with either specific ad hoc reports or trends.

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Port Information

We use our proximity to individual ports/terminals to identify and collect local intelligence on incidents or events that could impact vessel or cargo turn around, we combine this with current load/discharge rates and PDA estimates. We tailor this data to give selected clients actionable insights and optionality.

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Congestion Reports

We collect, clean and process berthing delays and local port congestion (berthing or cargo congestion) data. We consolidate this data on a commodity, vessel type, port, country, regional or global level. We give our clients a competitive advantage by providing these actionable insights on a regular basis.

Port Restrictions

The smallest of changes in local restrictions in individual ports has a significant impact on profitability or viability when clients are considering alternatives for specific vessels, load/discharge port optionality, crew change, or spare part delivery options. We give our clients transparency to the latest restrictions.

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