Hub Agency

We provide Hub Agency services that are tailored to meet individual clients’ specific needs and requirements. We coordinate and manage the local execution in over 490 ports worldwide through a single point of contact.

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Our full range of Hub Agency services include:

Single point of contact WHITE

Single Point of Contact

We give our clients a single point of contact and complete transparency to all aspects of the port call, including Operations, Finance (PDA’s/FDA’s), Documentation, Communication, Compliance, and Vendor Management.

Cash Mgmt WHite

Port Cost Reduction

We proactively manage the pre-planning of the port call to expedite the vessels turn-around time and to minimise the total FDA cost without compromising health, safety, security or compliance.

Disbursement Management

We verify all PDA’s and FDA’s received from the local agent. We use our local knowledge to verify the validity of individual line items to eliminate non-compulsory or ‘phantom’ costs.

bank (2)

Cash Management (PDA’s / FDA’s)

We validate the recipient’s bank a/c details and conduct sanction checks for every remittance we make, verify proof of payment to the local vendors, and manage residual balances.



We benchmark operational (vessel turn around) and cost (FDA) performance of individual port calls against the aggregated data of your peer group in a specific port and between ports for the same commodity and vessel sizes. We identify, analyse and present the variations to our clients.

Data Integration

We minimise data re-entry to reduce the clients Processing Cost, Opportunity Cost, and Margin for Human Error by offering clients seamless integration between our workflow-based Agency Management System and their internal systems via API.

SoF Validation

We validate the individual SoF line items by visibility to the local operational nuances in individual ports. We minimised the impact of potential conflicts of interest when your counterparties nominated local agent or representative has compiled the Statement of Facts.



We free up valuable time and resources within our Client’s organisation while handling this vital but non-strategic function on your behalf. We can seamlessly integrate the outputs of the Laytime process into our Client’s systems via API.

Enhanced Documentation

The documentation flow from load to discharge port via charterers and banks can be convoluted, time-consuming, and fraught with risk. We offer various innovative solutions to expedite and de-risk this process for our clients.

Cargo Security

We provide the clients with alerts and identify potential conflicts between receivers and nominated local agents. Cargo security in numerous trades and countries is often compromised due to the fragmented nature of the different local regulations involved in cargo release.

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