Covid-19 Related

  • Waterfront Maritime Services is committed to helping our clients get their crew to and from their home safely from or to any port in the world, especially during this unprecedented and challenging COVID-19 induced environment.
  • COVID-19 has caused unprecedented disruption in all walks of life, as the situation evolves in different countries so have the responses to the virus by the individual governments and authorities in every country.
  • The responses and regulations vary significantly and can change from one hour to the next. Through our extensive network in >490 ports in >90 countries, we keep our clients abreast of the evolving situation and assist them to mitigate the potential impact to their regular operations by publishing daily updates.
  • Our activities include identifying alternate ports that allow crew changes, arranging and booking of flights, securing the crew change logistics chain from the jet bridge to the gangway in individual ports, the sourcing and coordination of local COVID-19 testing and isolation facilities when required. In the future, this will extend to the co-ordination of local vaccinations when available.
  • During different stages of lockdowns, the logistics chain upon which the transfer of original commercial documents (Original B/L’s, Certificates of Origin) is dependent on, have been abruptly and severely impacted. We have implemented various solutions tailored to the specific needs of individual clients to mitigate this risk and ensure that their commercial documents are executed and delivered in a timely and secure manner without interruption
  • Our COVID-19 mitigation efforts are an extension of our commitment to HSE.

SEAFARERS are KEY WORKERS: Essential to shipping, essential to the world !

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