WaterFront Maritime Services

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  • All vessels must anchor first to be inspected by sanitary authorities and receive free platique.
  • Peruvians, resident foreigners, and non-resident foreigners, whose final destination is the peruvian territory, as a passenger and regardless of the country of origin, must certify having applied the first and second dose of vaccination against COVID-19 in Peru or abroad, and the third dose for those over 18 years of age who reside in the country and are authorized to receive it. Otherwise, they must have a negative molecular test (PCR) with a result date no more than 48 hours before boarding at their point of origin. 
  • In accordance with the regulations issued to date, it is permitted the entrance of international cruise vessels, passengers and crew to peruvian territory.
    Passenger disembarkation is subject to the current sanitary requirements for entrance (accreditation of vaccination or negative PCR test as appropriate).

On January 31st, the government suspended Repsol’s operating license and consequently stopped all operations at La Pampilla Refinery due to its alleged responsibility in the oil spill, the situation is till under investigation. Since March Thursday 10th the Temporary Stoppage of Pampilla was lifted for Multibuoys #1 and #3.

Line Up:
Terminal 1 – La Pampilla:
BT ADRIAN (M. MERCANTIL), moored at the Terminal, (boarding IFO 380). ETD 02 / 16:00 hrs.
BT CAMISEA (RENADSA), anchored in Callao Bay, Terminal available at the departure of BT ADRIAN, will embark Multiproducts.

Terminal 2 – La Pampilla:

Terminal 3 – La Pampilla:
BT CABO KAMUI (RENADSA), moored at the Terminal, (unloading Midland Crude). ETD 03 / 05:00 hrs.

Terminal 4 – La Pampilla:


Please note that currently APMT is suffering a strong congestion on general cargo vessel due to the absence of stevedores. The gangs of stevedores is abt 2 vessel per shift and during weekends it can reach almost 1 per vessel per shift. This situation slow down the operations and increase the berthing waiting time.


Multibuoys Terminals        

  • Talara(PETROPERU): Normal operations.
  • Bayovar(PETROPERU): Normal operations.
  • Salaverry(TDP): Normal operations. 
  • Chimbote(TDP, COLPEX): Normal operations.
  • Supe(TDP, Paramonga, Quimpac): Normal operations. 
  • Callao (CONCHAN): Normal operations.
  • Callao (PAMPILLA): Only Multibuoys #1 and #3 Operative.
  • Pisco(CAMISEA, TDP): Normal operations. 
  • San Juan de Marcona: Normal operations. Currently closed due to heavy swell.
  • Mollendo(PETROPERU,MONTE AZUL): Normal operations. Currently closed due to heavy swell.
  • Ilo(PETROPERU, TABLONES SPCC, MARINE TRESLE): Normal operations. Currently closed due to heavy swell.

Cargo Pier Terminals

  • Paita(TPE): Normal operations. 
  • Pisco (TPP): Normal operations. 
  • Bayovar(Vale, JPQ): Normal operations.
  • Salaverry(STI): Normal operations. Berth 1 under construction until late July or early August.
  • Chimbote (SIDER/TPCH): Normal operations.
  • Callao DPW: Normal operations. 
  • Callao APMT: Normal operations. 
  • San Nicolas (Terminal of Shougan Hierro): Normal operations. Currently closed due to heavy swell
  • Matarani (TISUR): Normal operations. Currently closed due to heavy swell
  • Ilo (SPCC/ENAPU/ENERSUR: Normal operations. Currently closed due to heavy swell


  • Pisco (Melchorita): Normal operations. Currently closed due to heavy swell
  • Ilo (MARINE TRESLE/ENGIE): Normal operations.

The state of the sea along our coastline will present the following maritime forecast; The predictive horizon is until Tuesday, August 2nd:

a. North Coast: occurrence of light swell from the southwest from the early morning of Wednesday 03 until Saturday 06 August.
b. Central Coast: occurrence of light swell from the southwest from the morning of Tuesday, August 2 through Saturday, August 6.
c. South Coast: occurrence of light southwesterly swells from the morning of Tuesday, August 2 through Saturday, August 6.

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