COVID-19 Global Port Restrictions


Maintenance Shutdown – Minerals Terminal TCSA 

In order that the end users of the port can properly schedule the lay days of the vessels that will operate at the TCSA Minerals Terminal, it is communicated that a Conservation Shutdown will be carried out during the following period:

  • START of conservation works from 06:00 hours on Saturday, November 27, 2021.
  • END of conservation works until 00:00 hours on Wednesday, December 01, 2021.

Please note that the terminal will not receive ships whose scheduled time of operation exceeds the start time of conservation work, so we suggest that the end of the lay days of the contracted ships should be completed before the start of the conservation stop so that they are not affected by variations, delays in arrivals or other conditions that may arise.

TCSA is not responsible for any claims or costs associated with vessels or cargoes that cannot be serviced/shipped due to the commencement of conservation work at the scheduled date and time.

Multibuoys Terminals: 

  • Talara(PETROPERU): Normal operations.
  • Bayovar(PETROPERU): Normal operations.
  • Salaverry(TDP): Normal operations. 
  • Chimbote(TDP, COLPEX): Normal operations.
  • Supe(TDP, Paramonga, Quimpac): Normal operations.
  • Callao (CONCHAN): Normal operations.
  • Callao (PAMPILLA): Normal operations.
  • Pisco(CAMISEA, TDP): Normal operations.
  • Mollendo(PETROPERU,MONTE AZUL): Normal operations.
  • Ilo(PETROPERU, Tablones, TLT): Normal operations.

Cargo Pier Terminals:

  • Paita(TPE): Normal operations.
  • Pisco (TPP): Normal operations.
  • Bayovar(Vale, JPQ): Normal operations.
  • Salaverry(STI): Normal operations.
  • Chimbote (SIDER/TPCH): Normal operations.
  • Callao DPW: Normal operations.
  • Callao APMT: Normal operations.
  • Matarani (TISUR): Normal operations.
  • Ilo (SPCC/ENAPU/ENERSUR): Normal operations.


  • San Juan de Marcona: Normal operations.
  • San Nicolas (Terminal of Shougan Hierro): Normal operations.
  • Chancay (Blue Pacific Oil Tank): Normal operations.
  • Callao (UNACEM): Normal operations.
Swell Report

Currently, light southwesterly swells persist along the entire coastline.

  • North Coast: Light southwesterly swell persists, restoring to normal conditions as of the afternoon of Wednesday, November 17.
  • Central Coast: Area from 08° to 13° South (localities between Salaverry and Cerro Azul) light southwesterly swell persists, restoring normal conditions as of Wednesday afternoon, November 17, area from 13° to 15° South (localities between Cerro Azul to San Juan) light southwesterly swell persists, restoring normal conditions as of Wednesday evening, November 17.
  • South Coast: Light southwesterly swells persist, with normal conditions being restored as of Tuesday night, November 16.


*All vessels must anchor first to be inspected by sanitary authorities and receive free platique.

** Flights from South Africa will continue to be suspended until November 30th.

Disclaimer: As local conditions and regulations can change by the hour, before making any firm plans please contact to give you the latest updates for individual countries.