Panama Canal: Waiting Times

Panama Canal Waiting Time for today and forecast

  • Supers: vessels between 27.74m and 32.62m in beam
  • Regulars : vessels with 27.74m in beam

The Panama Canal Resumes Seasonal Measures to Protect Marine Life

Related to the upcoming visit of migrating whales in Panamanian waters, we would like to share with you an extract of the latest press release issued by the Panama Canal Authority:

From August 1 to November 30, 2020, the Panama Canal will encourage the protection of whales, dolphins, and other large aquatic animals as they begin their seasonal migration, crossing paths with vessels heading to the Canal. In accordance with the International Maritime Organization’s (IMO) annual recommendations, ships traveling to and from the Canal via the Pacific and Atlantic Ocean during this period must stay within designated navigation areas known as Traffic Separation Schemes (TSS), which decrease the overlap between vessels entering or exiting the Canal and migrating whales. Vessels traveling through these areas on the Pacific side of the Canal should also proceed at a speed of no more than 10 knots, a practice known as Vessel Speed Reduction (VSR).

The complete article is available through the following link:

Disclaimer: Before fixing a voyage through the Panama Canal it please contact us at to verify if your vessel is approved by Canal Authority officials for transits on either Panamax locks, NeoPanamax locks or both. Together with the approval confirmation, we will advise the updated draft restrictions.

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