Local Port Agency

Your local eyes and ears on the ground

We have a network of local port agency staff in over 90 countries and in over 490 ports. Our clients benefit from the real in-depth local expertise, experience, and relationships to Saving Time, Saving Money, and Reducing Risk for our clients.

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Full Port Agency

When the choice of the local agents in a port or terminal is in our Client’s (either Charterers or Owners) option, they will nominate or appoint us as Full Port Agent.

  • Our clients entrust us to manage and execute the pre-planning of the port call within the scope of the specific appointment.
  • We are authorised by the Master and Owners of the vessel to order services and incur expenses on their behalf in executing the port call and completing and signing local documentation on their behalf.
  • We take local responsibility for all aspects of Cargo and Vessel Operations, Finance (PDA’s/FDA’s), Documentation, Communication, Reporting, Compliance, and Vendor Management on our Client’s behalf.

Protective Agency

When the choice of the local agents in a port or terminal is in the option of our Client’s commercial counterparty, our clients will often appoint us to act as their Protective Agent.

  • We will monitor the pre-planning and execution of the port call as conducted by the Full Agent and ensure that our Client’s interests are not being prejudiced by their counterparties chosen Agent. 
  • We have a global reach in over 490 ports and in-depth local knowledge of the regulation, processes and procedures.
  • We use our local relationships and understanding of local nuances and idiosyncrasies to protect our Client’s interests locally while their counterparties ‘officially’ attend to the vessel nominated Agent.


As Husbandry Agent, we are appointed by the Ship Owner or Ship Manager to deal with the vessels Husbandry requirements in that port on that particular voyage on their behalf.

This typically does not include involvement in cargo matters and tends to be focused on planning, co-ordinating the safe and efficient execution of:

  • Crew Changes
  • The delivery of spare parts
  • The delivery of Cash to Master
  • The co-ordination of repairs or bunkers
  • And any other husbandry related activities

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