Covid-19: Pakistan

Please be advised that seamen joining / leaving vessels at Pakistani ports must be in possession of a valid seaman books + passports on which basis they will be granted 72 hrsLanding Permits and must, during this time, transfer to the vessel / repatriate back to their countries of residence.

All crew’s will be allowed to embark/dis-embark(subject to availability of firm flights/e-Tickets for on/off-signers to arrive/depart Karachi)on board/from the vessel and subject to production of following documents:


  1. Medical fitness Certificate from origin for arriving crew to Pakistani Airports shall be required to provide a copy of test result for COVID-19 through RT-PCR conducted during the 24/48 hours prior to boarding the flight by a crew(Mandatory).
  2. Yellow Fever Certificate.
  3. Copy of national passport.
  4. Copy of national Seaman Book.
  5. Copy of confirmed E-Ticket.


  1. COVID-19 test result through RT-PCRAgents will arrange it through local laboratory with the co ordination with port health officer & PCR test results come in 24 hrsfor proceeding.(Mandatory)
  2. Maritime Health Declaration from Master (with sign and stamp).
  3. Vaccination List from Master (with sign and stamp).
  4. Corona virus declaration from Master as sample attached (with sign and stamp).
  5. Crew List from Master (with sign and stamp).
  6. Port of call list from Master (with sign and stamp).
  7. Body temperature list for all officers/crew on board for last 15 days.
  8. Copy of national passport.
  9. Copy of national Seaman Book.
  10. Copy of confirmed E-Ticket


  1. Due local Airlines office required Embarkation/Joining permission granted by local Authorities (Port Health Officer/Immigration Authority) for on-signers to insert ok boarding in their system, request to share all above mentioned documents two to three days before crew departure from home-town in order to obtain embarkation/joining permission from Port Health Officer/Immigration Authority for system generated ok boarding to avoid any complication in crew boarding on flight from home-town.
  2. Due COVID-19 Hotel stay not allowed for on/off-signers, hence please book on-signers to arrive Karachi on the day of vessel’s berthing and off-signers to depart Karachi before vessel’s departure in order to arrange transfer of on-signers direct from Karachi Airport to vessel and off-signers from vessel to Karachi Airport directly since Authority grants permission to dis-embark crew after getting UNDERTAKING from Agent/Ship that in case of departure flight cancelled crew will be re-embarked vessel and vessel will not be allowed to sail until crew departs from Karachi.

Disclaimer: As local conditions and regulations can change by the hour, before making any firm plans please contact to give you the latest updates for individual countries.


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