Brazil Statistics

You can access the following Brazilian data, which can be viewed across a 10 year time frame or drilled down to a specific year or month.

Commodity Specific Statistics: This data can be viewed by commodity or sub-commodity grouping (using United Nations HS Codes). You will have access to:

  • Volumes shipped per commodity
  • Value of specific commodity shipped
  • Volumes per commodity at a port level in Brazil and at a country level for the load and discharge locations outside of Brazil

Vessel Specific Statistics: This data includes the number of vessels (by commodity carried) for every port in Brazil which includes a breakdown of historic delays (month by month) per commodity per port, including detailed analysis of:

  • Time spent awaiting to berth
  • Time lost on berth before commencing cargo operations
  • Time taken to complete cargo operations
  • Time on berth and total port stay
  • Average and maximum berth delays by commodity carried at a port and terminal level throughout Brazil

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